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Dmitry Kravchenko Director, chaplain The world needs Christians and leaders who are strong both in faith and intellectuality in all life spheres and at all society levels. Therefore, Word of Life church** offers a choice of programs to improve the theological education and the ministers qualification level. Here you can get training to fulfill your calling and make your knowledge more profound, taking advantage of the unique academic quality education and Christian beliefs combination. I urge you to set the right priorities right now. Wherever you are in this world, the society you live in, needs people who put Jesus first.
BIBLICAL THEOLOGY AND CHRISTIAN MINISTRY It’s a great opportunity to get basic theological and higher theological education (bachelor's degree) according to the unique educational program established by Word of Life Church** in association with the Euroasian Theological Seminary*. Immediately after be taken in, you become a student of the Euroasian Theological Seminary1 based on the Word of Life program. The "Word of Life" educational program offers you «construction in single units». This program is unique and very practical. It has been born inside of Word of Life movement through many years’ experience in ministry and growing the church. We offer you two programs – Word of Life Academic Program (WOL AP) and Word of Life Leadership Program (WOL LP). If you wish, you can study one of the programs or both, and continue until you get the bachelor's theological degree. (See the diagram ). COMPLETION DOCUMENTS Upon successful completion of each program (getting positive evaluation in all subjects of the curriculum), you will be certified by a state and internationally recognized diploma of basic theological education – the Church Service Diploma or the Pastoral Ministry Diploma (ordained pastor), and if any already qualified higher education – the Diploma of Professional Retraining. Upon successful completion of both programs, writing a graduate thesis and taking a ministry practice report, you receive a bachelor's degree church or pastoral ministry.
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WOL AP PROGRAM If you would like to go deeper into theology and the academic world, study the Bible more deeply, welcome to the Word of Life Academic Program. The mode of WOL AP study program is distance using the Internet technologies (webinars). WOL AP SUBJECT LIST The New Testament introduction. Anders Gerdmar, Doctor of Theology The Old Testament introduction. Ingrid Spellnes Faro, Doctor of Divinity The church history before the Reformation. Sergey Egorov, Doctor of Theology The church history after the Reformation. Sergey Egorov, Doctor of Theology Missiology. Alexey Voskresensky, Master of Theology Church pastoral counseling fundamentals. Christina Curie, Doctor of Psychology Pastoral theology. Alexey Lunev, Master of Divinity Systematic theology. Paul Hoffman, Doctor of Theology Comparative theology. Paul Hoffman, Doctor of Theology Exegetics. Alexey Voskresensky, Master of Theology Discipleship. Alexey Voskresensky, Master of Theology Spiritual growth of a minister. Alexey Voskresensky, Master of Theology WOL LP PROGRAM If you need some keys to build a successful church, we recommend the Word of Life Leader's program. The mode of study is low residence: there is a weekly intensive term in Moscow once in two months (six sessions for the education period), the rest of the time - independent work and writing paper works. WOL LP SUBJECT LIST History of civilization. Torbjorn Arnson, Professor, Doctor Divinitatis Ethics. Alexey Lunev, Master of Divinity Family of minister. Gorbacheva T.M., PhD in Psychology, Master of Divinity Counseling in crisis situations. Christina Curie, Doctor of Psychology A modern Christian leader. Pastor Matts-Ola Ishoel, Bishop, Master of Ministry Theory and practice of the local church. Alexey Lunev, Master of Divinity Homiletics. Alexey Voskresensky, Master of Theology Methodology of teaching the Bible. Alexey Voskresensky, Master of Theology Dogmatics. Alexey Lunev, Master of Divinity Theory and practice of local church management. Alexey Voskresensky, Master of Theology Planting of churches. Sergei Nepomnyashchikh, Master of Church Administration Introduction to Jewish-Christian relations. Julia Popova
 ADMISSION CONDITION The applicant must not be younger than 18, or the date of the 18th birthday should fall on the study period; In case of ENROLMENT it is necessary to take care of housing in Moscow in advance, students are responsible for finding housing and work.
! Contacts: +7 (977) 945-78-75 (Monday—Friday from 10:00 till 17:30) bogoslov@wolrus.org
ORDER TAKING The rules for documents acceptance are the same for both WOL AP and WOL LP. Order taking is based on application forms. It is necessary to read carefully and complete all necessary documents forms and append all the documents listed in the list for admission. If the forms required for filling in the columns are left unfilled or the set of documents doesn’t answer to the list - the order taking for admission will be rejected. Set of entrance documents Necessary documents: Application form Pastor’s recommendation Passport copy (the first two pages and the registration page) Photo 30×40 mm color or black and white, the limitation period isn’t more than 6 months (can be electronic form) Qualification copy (including an the passed subjects issue and marks) Extra documents: A copy of any graduated theological programs including a Bible school, seminars and etc. (if any)
Fill in or download recommendations form -> See what can you do with your filled application form with documents and photo: Send an e-mail bogoslov@wolrus.org; Bring them or send per post (the least convenient option): 109652, Russia, Moscow, Porechnaya Str., 15 Special requirements: paper form recommendations are given by a nominator in a sealed envelope and sent out unopened. If it’s an electronic form, the nominator fills in the recommendation without the recommended one.
Entrance examination There are no Entrance examinations. There is a test at all programs for background knowledge on the first day.
Download application form and recommendations
ACCEPTANCE OF DOCUMENTS TIMESCALES WOL AP Program: at any time throughout the entire year. WOL LP Program: till November 1, 2019. Usual response time for admission is up to 6 calendar weeks from the day when all of documents are received. The maximum period for documents consideration falls on the administration vacations (June-July).
Education period: WOL AP is distance (online) and is driven on the internet site moodle. Education period takes 18 months. You can start online classes any time of the academic year. Subjects are opened to access stepwise, each subject continues 1,5-2 months. Each students choose the schedule of classes independently. By the end of the subject the student should see over with all the subject materials: watch the lecture video, read the obligatory literature, make the necessary tasks, write the necessary paper works, and take the examination test. WOL LP is low residence: there is a weekly intensive term in Moscow once in two months (six sessions for the education period), the rest of the time - independent work and writing paper works. Education period takes 12 months from October 28, 2020.
FINANCING Payment is made online before the beginning of each subject (for WOL AP) and each term (WOL LP): Cost of each WOL AP subject is 3000 RUB. Cost of each WOL LP term is 7000 RUB. A one-time registration payment for both of the programs is 3000 RUB (upon registration). ₽ made online
 LP TERM LP term is given at the two addresses: Moscow, Pavel Korchagin Str., 2A (Alekseevskaya metro station) and Moscow, Porecnaya Str., 15 (Marino metro station)

*Religious Educational Organization of Higher Education Euroasian Theological Seminary of Church of God Association of Christians of Evangelical Faith

** Word of Life Local Religious Organization Bible Christian Center of Evangelical Faith, Moscow